The Kierra Lanae Collection

Hello everyone! I am Kierra Lanae, the owner/founder of Girl+God. As a young Christian college student who is into all things girly and fashion I know how hard it can be to uphold our modest principles while still slaying (two snaps and a hair flip). In a day and age where showing every inch possible without being naked (well I take that back, sometimes actually being naked) is totally in I would like to see my sisters going against the norm (and still looking fab). This is why I have decided to add The Kierra Lanae Collection to G+G. This collection will contain pieces that I feel are fashion forward, modern, yet still conservative and modest. I find that whenever you look up #modestfashion or #christianfashion everything that comes up looks like something my grandma would wear (no shade to the grandmas, I love yall xoxo). My vision is more modesty meets modern. (That has a ring to it #MMM ,#ModestyMeetsModern) This collection will have people saying "Yassss girl" while still letting your light for The King shine. So with that being said "May our wardrobes be lit, but never steal the shine from Jesus." The Kierra Lanae Collection can be found by clicking the Products tab and then clicking on The Kierra Lanae Collection. 

With Love,

Kierra Lanae